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Samsung goes directly out a Galaxy Note 7

Samsung goes directly out a Galaxy Note 7

This is confirmed, there will be no Galaxy Note 6 but 7 which will be unveiled at the conference on 2 August. It should also be provided with an iris scanner.

Sony Xperia X Performance: our first test results

Sony Xperia X Performance: our first test results

Just landed in lab, the latest addition to Sony has already spent part of our testing. Here are our first impressions of this top model. 

Top 10: best compact expert for summer

Top 10: best compact expert for summer

Recent technical advances have allowed experts to deliver compact image quality close to that of reflex for a fraction of their size. Here are the top 10 according to the testing lab

top five best robots Vacuum

top five best robots Vacuum cleaners noisy robots who only move the dust, it's ancient history! The 10 models tested provide good to excellent services through finally mature technologies.

top 5 best large format tablets

 top 5 best large format tablets Large format tablets are rather intended for domestic use, and should offer maximum comfort, especially at the display, good versatility and sufficient autonomy. Here are the 10 best current models.

top 5 flash drive

Practical and comfortable, the 64 GB USB 3.0 key often offer better rates than the 32GB model. And prices have fallen substantially in recent years. Here is the Top 10 models tested until October 2015.

Better and cheaper sites to buy online

There is no doubt that you thought about it many times in the acquisition of cheap things, or with an appropriate price. Our experts have chosen you to you 5 of the best Chinese sites, which are sent to you all your purchases for free to any country in the world.

Top five laptops in the world

Top five laptops in the world

Ultra portable are the spearheads of manufacturers. They complement or replace a home computer, they intended to follow you everywhere, all the time. Here are the 10 best in the time tested by the lab 01net.

 1. Acer Aspire S7 (S7-393-75508G25ews)

Acer Aspire S7 (S7-393-75508G25ews)

   The Aspire S7 Raw 2015 is a special place in our top 5. According to the data sheet, this configuration is neck-and-neck with that of the HP Spectre x360. The latter, however, keeps the big advantage of SSD. The differences are subtle, sometimes holding a handkerchief. For example, the Acer is lighter than 140g and quality of its on-board speakers are a cut above those of the spectrum. Its power consumption is also more controlled and IPS touchscreen, more mixed. Ah yes, the S7 also costs 200 euros less. And that account. 

Top five very wonderful Cameras

Hybrids continue to eclipse the SLR: for beginners they are smaller, more ergonomic and versatile, for many experts / pros they are often more efficient and lighter.

Top five smartphones very attractive

Whether or PHABLET ultra-compact format, the high-end smartphones feature the latest technology and offer the best performance. Here are the top 10 according to the lab tests

 1.Samsung Galaxy Note 4

   In addition to a huge and beautiful screen 5.7-inch controllable finger and stylus for increased opportunities, Note 4 features a highly efficient equipment in all areas. Dos imitation leather, metal strapping ... its design is subtle and dazzling performance.
Overall rating: 9.23 / 10     | price:  537.09$

2. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

  Very expensive but an incredible design with its curved screen on the right side which brings a lot of features, the Edge Note is one of the latest innovations from Samsung. In the same mold as the Note 4, Quadi it offers unbeatable performance in all areas.

Overall rating: 9.17 / 10     | price:   819.99$

3. HTC One M8

   With its all-metal casing and superb display, One is probably the iPhone 6 one of the finest achievements of last year. Despite its light sensor pixels, the mobile seduced by its power, endurance, exceptional sound and overlay, Sense, among the most successful.
Overall rating: 8.71 / 10     | price: 334.99$

4. BlackBerry Passport

  With its square format and surprising physical keyboard, the Passport primarily target the business. Comes with the latest version of the BlackBerry OS (10.3), however, it appears high flying performance will be sensitive to which all public and not just professionals.
Overall rating: 8.65 / 10     | price: 467.98$

5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

  The Galaxy S6 Edge affice exactly the same performance as the normal S6. Except for some slightly different measurements, it mainly includes a curved screen, stylish but not necessarily more useful. The 64GB model is logically ranked higher than the previous S6 32GB.
Overall rating: 8.60 / 10     | price: 615.61 $