Sony Xperia X Performance: our first test results

Just landed in lab, the latest addition to Sony has already spent part of our testing. Here are our first impressions of this top model. 

Sony continues to care for the design of its devices. After the Xperia X was already very successful from that point of view, the Xperia X Performance is no exception to the rule. There is even an aluminum back, brushed this time, the most beautiful effect. However, it is surprising that it is slightly thicker than the Xperia X 8.7 mm to 7.9 against its predecessor. An evil may be necessary to dissipate more easily heat from the powerful Snapdragon 820 processor?Note also the excellent IPS screen performance that delivers a brightness of 643 cd / m² and a contrast of over 1461: 1. Rarely seen, even on the most high-end models.
Sony Xperia X Performance: our first test results
JSZ / – Xperia X Performance (left) is thicker than the Xperia X (right).
Question pure performance, we note that statements scores with the AnTuTu benchmark tool 6 are slightly lower than last Snapdragon 820 smartphones out on the market: 117 418 Xperia X Performance, 132,454 for the LG G5 , 136,845 for HTC 10 and 141,862 for the OnePlus 3 . This is probably partly due to the integration of only 3 GB of RAM, when its competitors have 4 or 6 for the model OnePlus.

Very good graphics performance

However, the choice of “only” Full HD provides air to graphics performance are excellent. Epic Citadel test, it displays up to 59 frames per second, the guarantee to enjoy the most intensive 3D games. The benchmark Antutu 6 It certainly displays a score slightly lower than the OnePlus 3 – also advantaged by its Full HD screen – but this result remains however excellent (over 51,000).
Sony Xperia X Performance: our first test results
JSZ / – The camera back is brushed aluminum, very aesthetic.
Finally, issue endurance, the new top model from Sony shows, for now, disappointing. This is the least powerful smartphone with Snapdragon 820 we’ve tested. To our versatile self test it performs only 6 h 27 with its battery of 2700 mAh. Certainly models equipped identically are not, generally speaking, the thunders of war. They reach all the same 7 am to 18 HTC 10, 7 pm to 7 am and G5 LG 27 for OnePlus 3. The latter two are also certainly helped by their AMOLED panel which logically lower than conventional LCD technology IPS.
Sony Xperia X Performance: our first test results
JSZ / – Xperia X Performance (left) and the Xperia X (right) have substantially the same dimensions.
It now remains to be seen what is the Xperia X Performance in Photography and other autonomies (communication, video, surfing) to get a final opinion on the device. This will be the subject of our next full test coming on 

source: olaisred