top 5 best large format tablets Large format tablets are rather intended for domestic use, and should offer maximum comfort, especially at the display, good versatility and sufficient autonomy. Here are the 10 best current models.

The tablets equipped with large screen sizes around 10 inches, are the most popular. And because they are the ones that offer the best comfort of use and versatility. From 8.9 to 12.2 inches, they already offer a similar display area than some laptops. No wonder most people have totally neglected them in favor of slates for the most common uses: Web browsing, video playback, and quick information of all kinds. It is also necessary that the screen quality. Large format tablets are legion, so we find at every price, but beware of the cheaper models with TN type screens, largely as good as IPS panels. These screens generate a lot of frustration when faced with everyday uses: the narrow angles of vision, low light, bland colors … As for the definition screen, bet at least of 1280 pixels by 720 or 1920 by the 1080 pixels. The best tablets out of standby at a snap of the fingers from and return just as quickly, unbeatable deadlines even for the swift PC (or Mac …). To do this, their consumption should be sufficiently optimized to avoid having to charge it every two days. This is the case of the 10 best tablets of the moment contained in this top. The centerpiece of the house, large format tablet should be as versatile as was previously the home PC, at least for the less intensive tasks. HD video playback, some 3D gaming, multitasking, transfer pictures from the camera or memory card, video output … The more it makes, the better. Android, iOS, OS Fire … The Top 10 best large format tablet represents all current systems … Well, almost: the first Windows tablet, Surface 3, ranks only thirteenth position.

 1.Samsung S2 Galaxy Tab 9.7


Samsung remains dominant in the tablet market, at least technically, through the new Galaxy Tab 9.7-inch S2 format. This tablet finally adopts the screen ratio 4: 3 very comfortable for the iPad, and its design is almost identical. Its AMOLED is the best of the genre, like its power-autonomy report.
Screen Size: 9.7 “(24.64 cm)    | price:  499.99$
2.Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5 S
   If its design incorporated large plastic part does not always unanimous, the Tab 10.5 S is none the less technically one of the most successful of the moment. At once powerful (CPU 8 cores, 3GB Ram …) and autonomous (more than 13h of video playback), it is topped by a superb AMOLED HD screen.
Screen size: 10.5 “(26.67 cm)     | price:   349.00$
3Sony Xperia Tablet Z4


The latest waterproof tablet Sony impresses with its ultra-slim, lightweight design (6 mm to 393 g), its screen rendering impressive and excellent performance. Powerful, fast and enduring rather, it shows almost perfect for use. Two versions exist 4G and Wi-Fi. Count still 120 euros more to equip your wireless keyboard dedicated to this tablet, which is a bit expensive.
Screen size: 10.1 “(25.65 cm)    | price: 629.80$

4.Amazon Fire HDX 8.9


Sold online only, tablets Amazon would benefit from being better known. This Fire HDX 8.9, for example, is simply the most enduring of all tablets in this ranking, web navigation as video playback. And its performance is very high. His only fault is the lack of memory card slot and a too limited choice of applications.
Screen Size: 8.9 “(22.61 cm)     | price: 429.99$
5Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet


The Z2 Tablet has long been the thinnest tablet market before the Air iPad 2 and its successor the Z4 Tablet burn out the compliment of 0.03 cm. His ascetic profile does not prevent him from being one of the best performing market, thanks to its Snapdragon processor and 3GB of RAM. His only fault, proper autonomy, but less than that of the best models.
Screen size: 10.1 “(25.65 cm)    | price: 529.00 $