Practical and comfortable, the 64 GB USB 3.0 key often offer better rates than the 32GB model. And prices have fallen substantially in recent years. Here is the Top 10 models tested until October 2015.

USB drives are still the best way to exchange or store files quickly. The 32GB models  are those that currently offer the best capacity / price, but they may be insufficient for some needs. Data storage in large amounts or large, such as high-definition videos. So why not opt for a key 64 GB? While investment is higher (45 to 90 euros), but they typically cost less than two key 32GB and above all provide better performance. Indeed, the memory chips have a higher density and often have higher rates than the 32GB keys. Certainly do not pass the performance doubled, but write speeds are increasing and we have such a measured gain of 65% on the JetFlash 780 Transcend between 32 and 64 GB.

More or less resistant housings Falls

Besides the performances, we have also found differences in the design of the boxes that appear to be more or less resistant to falls. The case of a key while plastic will break more easily than if the manufacturer has opted for the metal. In addition, there are two types of protection for the USB connector: either cap (effective but can be lost), or by a retractable system (not completely protects the connector). Finally, we also took into account bundled software. Some manufacturers deliver encryption programs that prove very useful to protect your sensitive files while others deliver an appreciable backup program to have a backup of your working files. These two functions are “more” significant.
 1.SanDisk Extreme


With a retractable USB connector, this key offers excellent flow rates in both reading and writing (226 and 167 MB / s maximum). But we especially like its attractive price and consistent performance for all file sizes, the big video to the small picture. For sensitive files, it comes with an encryption program for Windows (you have to download the Mac OS version) that proves easy to use.
Overall rating: 8.93 / 10     | price:  32.90$
2ex-aequo – Lexar JumpDrive P20
   JumpDrive to replace the P10, P20 implements the protocol UAS to boost its performance. And this is indeed the case with large files such as videos (325 MB / s for reading and 185 MB / s write): P20 crushes the competition! We also appreciate the design of the housing with the metal back which ensures good durability. As a bonus, Lexar delivers an encryption program for Windows and Mac OS that proves simple and effective. Enough to justify its high price.
Overall rating: 8.33 / 10     | price:   37.68$
3ex-aequo – Transcend JetFlash 780


A “classic” model with plastic housing and cap, but has a neat finish with a fine checkered pattern. The performance is good (194 MB / s read and 128 MB / s maximum write) and the key has the correct flow rates for modest sized files. We especially enjoyed the bundled software to download on the Transcend website. The manufacturer offers for Windows and Mac OS backup and synchronization program, as well as software to recover accidentally deleted files.
Overall rating: 8.33 / 10     | price: 22.99$

4Patriot Memory Supersonic Magnum


Launched in 2011, the Supersonic Magnum is still on sale and it is rather good news because its performance is excellent. We measured maximum rates of 226 MB / s read and 143 MB / s write. But above all, the key remains fast with modest sized files. Its aluminum housing provides good strength and dissipates heat well. But it is wider than average, which may pose a problem connecting with USB ports too close on a laptop. Too bad the manufacturer makes the dead end on the activity light.
Overall rating: 8.24 / 10     | price: 467.98$
5Lexar JumpDrive P10


A bit expensive, Lexar this model is distinguished by a very robust housing, as established in part of metal, which also helps to dissipate the heat well under heavy use. We especially appreciate his consistent performance with very good flow rates regardless of the file size. She goes up to 211 MB / s read and 176 MB / s for video but also reaches 134 MB / s and 51 MB / s for JPEG pictures. Pity She delivered without encryption program or backup.
Overall rating: 8.13 / 10     | price: 29.45 $