top five best robots Vacuum cleaners noisy robots who only move the dust, it’s ancient history! The 10 models tested provide good to excellent services through finally mature technologies.

Why sweep or vacuum when robots can do it for you? And if you’re one of those skeptical consumers face the performance of these devices, the top 10could make you change your mind. Indeed, all the models tested have proven generally effective when it comes to cleaning the floor of a room. More or less … quick … more or less powerful and more or less comfortable on the carpet and carpet, we have not been to bad (and discriminatory) surprises. Naturally, the addition rises with the level of their performance. However, there are also good deals on the web!

Our tips for choosing good

But before starting, it is important to consider some essential criteria. The first is the camera’s format. If your room is very crowded, it contains a lot of low furniture, it will favor the narrow devices (about 30 cm) and fairly thin (less than 9 cm) or very fine, but beware, they are not usually the most powerful.The versatility of these devices chiefly for equipment level. Incorporate the most advanced one, or even two cameras to locate the best in the rooms where they live. Neato home and Vorwerk is another very effective technology that is at work, namely a laser rangefinder. IRobot and LG in the stables, other sensors are in charge of analyzing the ground with each pass to see if it is clean. The type and number of brushes supplied with the vacuum cleaner are also very important. If you have cats or dogs, prefer models identified as suitable to animal hair. Do not ignore the presence of “brushes” of angles.That the vacuum cleaner has one or two, they are placed on the front of the unit and facilitate cleaning around baseboards and furniture legs.

Finally, the autonomy and range of accessories are also taken into account.Besides, we were pleasantly surprised by the average endurance measured on devices: about 1 h 25. Regarding accessories, if the house is very large, it will interest you to robots come with “virtual walls”. They are in the form of studs or strips to unwind the ground. Their goal ? Delimit the scope of the vacuum. The ten models below were tested on different surfaces, as part of an ongoing comparison of robot vacuums.
 1.LG HOM-BOT Square VR7412RB


Our first record, the LG HOM-BOT VR7412RB Square offers excellent benefits. Its two cameras and many proximity sensors allow it to move with great precision in the rooms of the house. It also love for its quiet operation, good autonomy and wipe media that luster soils. This is especially useful for cleaning floors where brushes can sometimes be lacking.
Rating: 7.85/10    | price:  529.58$
2.LG HOM-BOT Square VR7428SP
   If the design account for you, then this LG model should please you. This is certainly the wish that LG offers a device with a purple casing, black highlights and a layer of varnish beautifully. Without being a work of art, it VR7428SP this good! Performance-wise, it is both the VR7412RB and even shows at ease when it comes to picking up pet hair. A very good choice as this issue 2 of our top 10, especially as he is currently on sale in several stores.
Rating: 7.7/10    | price:   739.10$
3Neato Botvac D85


The Neato Botvac D85 is the worthy successor of Botvac 85 (still available as a promotion). This robot vacuum is particularly effective thanks to its laser rangefinder system allows it to scan the geometry of a part to move about intelligently. Mounted on large wheels and integrating a large central brush, it evolves in the house some of the nature of the soil and lets nothing pass. We also like its accessory offer but a little less noise from the vacuum system ..
Rating: 7.4/10   | price: 499.00$

4.Samsung Navibot Corner Clean SR10F71UB


It is impressive, this Samsung vacuum cleaner with motorized brush. With these, it emerges perfectly down baseboards and furniture. Better, its thickness of only 8 cm facilitates its passage under most low furniture (we especially think of the sofa). Also equipped with a camera and a virtual wall, it covers a large work area quickly and with good results.
Rating: 7.31/10    | price: 1049.95$
5E.zicom robotics E.ziclean BOT Corner


This E.zicom vacuum cleaner is a good surprise. Sold 350 euros, he holds a candle to its competitors costing 100-200 euros more. If it is less finesse in the design side, it moves with a certain grace in the house. We especially like its two wide angle brushes and double central brush that make a clean sweep on both hard floors, carpets as carpets. This is a good quality / price ratio
Rating: 7.3/10    | price: 374.89 $